What are ranks? Ranks are upgrades for you that will make your life on the server a bit easier. When you first login to the server you will be Member but if you want you can upgrade to the next rank with 4 Huss Tokens (you buy each token with 64 diamonds). You can choose to not get any rank if you want but if you do here is what you will get with each new rank that you upgrade to.


Member: The default rank of the server.


Commands from the rank:









/kit starter

































Iron: Upgrade from Member


Commands from the rank:



/kit iron






Gold: Upgrade from Iron


Commands from the rank:





/kit gold


/veinminer blocklist

/veinminer toggle


Emerald: Upgrade from Gold


Commands from the rank:


/kit emerald





Diamond: Upgrade from Emerald

Commands from the rank:







Husscrafter: Every now and then we do a reset of the survival world, this rank will be given to any active player that was with as for long time before we do the reset.


Mod: You probably know what this rank means.


Admin: You probably know what this rank means.


Owner: You probably know what this rank means.

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