Husscraft Pixelmon


Husscraft Pixelmon is a custom Pixelmon Reforged modpack.

In addition to Pixelmon Reforged 7.2.0 , the pack features, Realistic Terrain Generation, Biomes O’Plenty, Geographicraft, Connected Textures Mod, and Chisel, Just Enough Items, Optifine, and Discord Rich Presence.


Huss Labs 2


Introducing the Huss Labs 2 modpack…

Taking inspiration from one of the original Husscraft builds, Huss Labs is a Sci-Fi/Tech pack for Minecraft 1.12.2.

So what sets it apart from all the other Tech-based modpacks?

Up To Date: Huss Labs is always evolving, implementing new mods and updating existing mods whenever possible.
Intergration: Bringing together mods which compliment each other.
Mad Science: Whether you want to role-play as Rick Sanchez, or build the World’s biggest monster factory, this is the pack for you!
Immersion: Taking full advantage of Immersive Engineering and it’s many add-ons to create a unique experience.
Advanced Farming: Machines not your thing? Why not set up a farm and breed dairy and beef cattle and trade with your friends for their powerful gadgets?

Install on Technic 


The Lost Age


Coming soon, a Medieval/Fantasy themed modpack. Focused on PvP, Battles, and Magic.

Please note, this is just a placeholder. This modpack will most likely be for 1.12.2.

Dragon’s Tor


Coming soon, a Medieval/Fantasy Role-play Server. Using Conquest Reforged as a base, and adding some fantasy elements.

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