1.13, ahoy!


It is with great pleasure that I can announce, Husscraft is now a Minecraft 1.13 server!

With the Update Aquatic, a number of changes are being made to Husscraft.

1.12.2 was a lot of fun and over the last 9 months, we gathered a great group of players and created some awesome worlds. Now, we have decided to start a new map, and explore the oceans as Mojang intended.

We are still in the early stages of the new server, and there is much more still to come!

I’d like to welcome back the players who were with us for 1.12.2, and welcome all of our new players to the Husscraft Crew, glad to have you aboard!




Huss Labs 2



I’ve updated the modpack. It’s now a 1.12.2 pack, featuring the latest and greatest mods available. You can download from https://www.technicpack.net/modpack/huss-labs-2.1183789
Make sure you are running java x64, and you will need to allocate 4gb of RAM on Technic Launcher.

Introducing the Huss Labs 2 modpack…

Taking inspiration from one of the original Husscraft builds, Huss Labs is a Sci-Fi/Tech pack for Minecraft 1.12.2.

So what sets it apart from all the other Tech-based modpacks?

Up To Date: Huss Labs is always evolving, implementing new mods and updating existing mods whenever possible.
Intergration: Bringing together mods which compliment each other.
Mad Science: Whether you want to role-play as Rick Sanchez, or build the World’s biggest monster factory, this is the pack for you!
Immersion: Taking full advantage of Immersive Engineering and it’s many add-ons to create a unique experience.
Advanced Farming: Machines not your thing? Why not set up a farm and breed dairy and beef cattle and trade with your friends for their powerful gadgets?

Husscraft 1.12.2 Server


Welcome to Husscraft! 

Husscraft is a Multiverse server featuring three unique worlds. Minigames coming soon!

Friendly Survival: 

This world is focused on building a community, to explore and build together. From the spawn area, you can follow a path to Huss Town, the first settlement in the friendly survival world, or you can head out on your own and start your own settlement for others to visit or live in, the choice is yours!

PvP Survival: 

This world is a battleground! There are no settlements, and there are no rules. Only the strong survive!
Enter at you own risk! 

Husscraft VIP: 

Where it all began! This world started life in 2014 as a Realm for a small group of real world friends. Players can rank up to VIP to access this world. That’s it, all you have to do is play!

Friendly Owner, Admins and community. Join today!


– EssentialsX
– EssentialsX Spawn
– EssentialsX Chat
– Permissionsex
– WorldGuard
– Grief Prevention
– Multiverse-core
– Multiverse Portals
– Multiverse Nether Portals
– Bannermaker
– Minepack
– ChopTree 4
– Vault
– VoidSpawn

Huss Labs modpack


Introducing the Huss Labs modpack…

Taking inspiration from one of the original Husscraft builds, Huss Labs is a Sci-Fi/Tech pack for Minecraft 1.7.10.

So what sets it apart from all the other Tech-based modpacks? 

  • World Generation: Combining Biomes O’Plenty with Realistic World Generation, to create some of the most stunning minecraft landscapes you’ve ever seen.
  • Intergration: Bringing together mods which compliment each other.
  • Mad Science: Whether you want to role-play as Rick Sanchez, or infect your friends with a deadly virus, this is the pack for you!
  • New Mobs: From seeing new animals in the wild, to bringing extinct species back to life, there are always discoveries to be made.
  • Security: Protect your base with keypad locks and cctv cameras.

Where can I find it?

There are two different versions of Huss Labs available online.


Husscraft Network – Coming soon!

Husscraft is evolving! Coming soon will be the Husscraft  Network, featuring the Husscraft 1.12.2 server, and two brand new modded servers. The first of the modpacks is in its pre-release stages, and will be available exclusively on the Technic Launcher.


Husscraft Mod List

Husscraft Modlist. (Updated August ’16)

Ancient Warfare
Applied Energistics
Bibliocraft(with plugins for bop,forestry and natura)
Big Reactors
Big Trees
Binnie Mods
Biomes O’Plenty
Buildcraft Additions
Carpenters Blocks
Chicken Chunks
Chisel 2
Chisel Facades
Craft Heraldry
Dimensional Anchor
Doggy Style
Dungeon Pack
Ender IO
Ender Storage
Extra Utilities
Flan’s Mod
Immibis Core
Industrialcraft 2
Iron Chest
Mekanism Generators
Mekanism Tools
Minefactory Reloaded
NEI Add Ons
NEI Intergration
Not Enough Items
Not Enough Resources
Open Blocks
Open Mods Lib
Random Things
Redstone Armory
Redstone Arsenal
Refined Relocation
Small Boats
Thermal Expansion
The Betweenlands
Tinkers Construct
Twilight Forest
WAILA (What am I looking at)
WAILA Harvestabilty
WAILA Plugins
Xearo’s Minimap (NEVER UPDATE)

Hussworld fully automated railway.

After weeks of tinkering, I have finally finished work on Hussworld’s first fully automated railway line. Using Railcraft, I have built this track which in its route visits four stations around the local area of Huss Town. The circuit takes between 15 and 25 minutes to complete, depending on engine speed. The trains are set to complete their journey in approximately 18-20 minutes.


I plan to record a video of the complete course in the near future, so watch this space.






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