Huss Labs 2



I’ve updated the modpack. It’s now a 1.12.2 pack, featuring the latest and greatest mods available. You can download from
Make sure you are running java x64, and you will need to allocate 4gb of RAM on Technic Launcher.

Introducing the Huss Labs 2 modpack…

Taking inspiration from one of the original Husscraft builds, Huss Labs is a Sci-Fi/Tech pack for Minecraft 1.12.2.

So what sets it apart from all the other Tech-based modpacks?

Up To Date: Huss Labs is always evolving, implementing new mods and updating existing mods whenever possible.
Intergration: Bringing together mods which compliment each other.
Mad Science: Whether you want to role-play as Rick Sanchez, or build the World’s biggest monster factory, this is the pack for you!
Immersion: Taking full advantage of Immersive Engineering and it’s many add-ons to create a unique experience.
Advanced Farming: Machines not your thing? Why not set up a farm and breed dairy and beef cattle and trade with your friends for their powerful gadgets?

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