Husscraft 1.12.2 Server


Welcome to Husscraft! 

Husscraft is a Multiverse server featuring three unique worlds. Minigames coming soon!

Friendly Survival: 

This world is focused on building a community, to explore and build together. From the spawn area, you can follow a path to Huss Town, the first settlement in the friendly survival world, or you can head out on your own and start your own settlement for others to visit or live in, the choice is yours!

PvP Survival: 

This world is a battleground! There are no settlements, and there are no rules. Only the strong survive!
Enter at you own risk! 

Husscraft VIP: 

Where it all began! This world started life in 2014 as a Realm for a small group of real world friends. Players can rank up to VIP to access this world. That’s it, all you have to do is play!

Friendly Owner, Admins and community. Join today!


– EssentialsX
– EssentialsX Spawn
– EssentialsX Chat
– Permissionsex
– WorldGuard
– Grief Prevention
– Multiverse-core
– Multiverse Portals
– Multiverse Nether Portals
– Bannermaker
– Minepack
– ChopTree 4
– Vault
– VoidSpawn

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